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Inputs Verification Tool Prototype

This prototype supports the proposed rule "Revisions to Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements, and Proposed Confidentiality Determinations under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program" [Add FR citation; date of FR Publication; weblink]. In this proposed action, EPA proposed the use of an inputs verification tool as part of the verification process for certain calculation methodologies in 24 subparts of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. This prototype demonstrates the functionality of the inputs verification tool using a sample methodology from a sample subpart, the mass balance methodology in subpart X, Petrochemical Production.

All comments on the proposed rulemaking, including the inputs verification tool, must be submitted to the docket for this rulemaking (docket number EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0929) following the instructions in the proposed rule.

Additional information is available, including a complete list of these subparts.

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